Monthly Mantra November

How could November have gone so quickly? It slipped away in a bliss of turkey, cheeses, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, greens, pie, and wine. On Thanksgiving Eve, I taught a candlelight flow yoga class. I didn’t know what to expect for attendance; turns out many people were feeling a need to get to their mat before the big day of thanks was upon us. It was a large and lovely attendance!

In that class, my offered intention was gratitude for the ability to move our bodies. Thanksgiving is often about the gratitude you feel externally, and I wanted to turn that internally, to the very breath and moment of the practice. Each pose, each transition, each breath – grateful we could do it.

When each student arrived, I asked them, “What’s one of your favorite poses to do in yoga class?” Each person had a different pose to offer… Little did they know I was writing them all down on a notecard and composing our class for the night. The offerings ranged from childs pose to dancer pose, from reverse warrior to legs up the wall pose. Some arm balances, some deep twists, all mixed in for good measure.

Our class was our favorite poses and the gratitude we feel to be able to do those poses and the favorite poses of our fellow yogis in the room. It was a moving, strong, flowing practice; it may end up being my favorite from the entire year.

What’s one of your favorite yoga poses to do in your yoga practice?

~ jibean


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