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How could November have gone so quickly? It slipped away in a bliss of turkey, cheeses, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, greens, pie, and wine. On Thanksgiving Eve, I taught a candlelight flow yoga class. I didn’t know what to expect for attendance; turns out many people were feeling a need to get to their mat before the big day of thanks was upon us. It was a large and lovely attendance!

In that class, my offered intention was gratitude for the ability to move our bodies. Thanksgiving is often about the gratitude you feel externally, and I wanted to turn that internally, to the very breath and moment of the practice. Each pose, each transition, each breath – grateful we could do it.

When each student arrived, I asked them, “What’s one of your favorite poses to do in yoga class?” Each person had a different pose to offer… Little did they know I was writing them all down on a notecard and composing our class for the night. The offerings ranged from childs pose to dancer pose, from reverse warrior to legs up the wall pose. Some arm balances, some deep twists, all mixed in for good measure.

Our class was our favorite poses and the gratitude we feel to be able to do those poses and the favorite poses of our fellow yogis in the room. It was a moving, strong, flowing practice; it may end up being my favorite from the entire year.

What’s one of your favorite yoga poses to do in your yoga practice?

~ jibean

Thank a Vet

Veterans’ Day.

A departure from what I normally write about, today compels me to stop and acknowledge this day. Veterans’ Day. Veterans Day. Regardless of punctuation, this is an important day because of what it represents. A select group of individuals who at one point in their lives stepped forward to say, I will do something for more than myself, I will protect the greater good, I will defend my homeland, I will sacrifice myself for others, people I may not even know. This gift each Veteran gives to us all is one of the largest heartfelt things and the immensity of the gratitude I feel is hard to put into words.Happy Veterans Day.

You don’t have to support war or the government or the commander-in-chief. What you do have to be able to see is the selflessness it takes to join the military and the strength of character it takes to serve in it. Not all Veterans were volunteers, though today those in uniform are volunteering their skills, their time and their lives. Their families pay into the gift.

So politics aside, thank a Veteran. If you know one, hug a Veteran. If you forgot today, do it tomorrow. Do it always. We may never be able to walk in their boots, but we can trust that they are walking for us.

I say this because it’s true, it’s the right thing to do, and because I can personally say that I appreciate it when someone says “Thank you for serving.” It’s been years since I last wore my uniform, but I am reminded of the greatness of the people I had the honor to serve with. To all of my fellow Veterans, past and present, those still in the military and the military families, thank you!!

Before kids, before becoming a yoga teacher, I served in the U.S. Air Force.

Before kids, before becoming a yoga teacher, I served in the U.S. Air Force.

~ jibean

Love Letter to Sweatpants and Flip Flops

I love sweatpants. I just had to write it down after I shout it out (figuratively) several times. Sweatpants are comfortable, can be cute, chill and perfect to spend time in with a loved one or romantic hopeful.

I’ve been a girl that loves the well dressed guys. When I read a recent Us Weekly, there is a quote from Lady Gaga that made me laugh because of how many celebrities say silly things about sweatpants.

“I feel that flip-flops are the downfall of many relationships.

It’s, like, first it’s the flip-flops, and then it’s the sweatpants, …

It’s the gateway drug to no sex.” Lady Gaga

Back in the day, I would have agreed. Yet, when I met my now-husband, the first time we went out he was in jeans, grey t-shirt, cute hair, and flip-flops. But, you know, the clothes don’t make the man. And he is a wonderful man. We started dating and one of the first times he came over after work, we both wanted to put on clothes to chill. I lent him a pair of man’s sweatpants (after a great party, I borrowed a friend’s boyfriend’s pair when we stayed the night, and they broke up before I could return them. They didn’t break up over someone wearing sweatpants.) that I had in my closet and it was never an issue between us. In fact, I loved that I could relax and be myself in the most casual of ways and still be sexy. The fact that we have been married seven years, two kids, and still crazy about each other. And, I love him in his flip-flops.

So, I say rock your sweatpants, ladies!

~ jibean


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