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Take the “If” Out

Sometimes my husband has true gems of wisdom. Really, he has these moments of saying things in a way that just strike to the heart of the matter and resonate with me like a gong.

Recently we were discussing two huge changes coming up for me that impact our life together. One was my decision to work with a nutritionist and go boldly after my goal physique and rebuild my core.

The other, a little more game changing for us both, was to accept a job offer. I’m going back to work full-time. This, in itself, is a huge step for me as my whole identity-world-life here in Oregon is built on my existence as a stay at home mom, PR consultant, and yoga/fitness teacher.

It’s all changing. And I’m afraid. I’m afraid of making the wrong decision, afraid of failing. What if I can’t do it? And this is when he had his moment of wisdom.

“Take the if out.”


“Stop saying if I can and what if I fail. ” Then he explained, “Say to yourself When I can and When I do.”

It makes sense. Take out the rom for failure. Allow myself to fully commit to my goal. It’s not about if I fail or not. It’s about keeping going, no matter how many tries it takes to get me there.

Take the if out.


New Year Intentions

Setting an intention is an important part of a yoga practice. It calls into the mind, the heart and the third eye a goal, a cause, a wish, a resolution, a person; something or someone who is important to you. This New Year’s Day, I spent 90 minutes in a yoga practice dedicated to intentions.

My intention was quite simple. To Eat Clean. To allow my body a chance to live without the excess.

Or as my nutritionist would put it, “To be bold. To boldly allow myself the chance to succeed.”

It’s not revolutionary or world-changing or even very selfless. But at the time when the yoga teacher asked us to call into mind what intention we had for ourselves for the new year, that was mine.

In yoga, it’s important not to dwell or over analyze, but really to embrace and be aware. Cultivating mindfulness allows us to move deeper in our practice, and should you choose, to follow the eight limbs of yoga.

See the thing is, when I flew home for Thanksgiving, I was not keeping myself company with loving thoughts. I was feeling heavy, uncomfortable in my own skin, and quite frustrated with my post-baby weight loss. I felt like I was not representing the ideas I believe in or reflecting the amount of yoga and workouts I actually do and teach. When I came back home, I had a new resolve.

But it’s a slow road for me. Some changes I resist. Some days I don’t feel up to. Sometimes I feel downright toddler-esque and just want to yell, “You can’t make me!” Some days are great. Some days I feel connected to my intention. Sometimes I feel joyful and happy in the incremental changes.

But I want to be bold. This is my year.

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