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Holiday Hubbub

Is it really December? From the time we boarded the plane for Thanksgiving to Christmas Day, it feels like I’ve only blinked once.

This was the first year where Christmas time didn’t mean traveling or having family visiting us. At first, it didn’t even feel like Christmas. And then, it felt glorious.

I woke up on Christmas Eve morning feeling disconnected and homesick. In years past, Christmas Eve means: waking up, baking something; getting in car; driving somewhere. Meet, greet, eat, repeat. This year, I woke up and went on a fun family workout with my husband and two little ones. Then, while the hubster and kids had lunch, I went to a yoga class. Our wise teacher read to us an excerpt from Yoga Gems that encouraged us to love people for who they are and not for whom we want them to be. An excellent way to go into holiday festivities!

With all my endorphins and zen, we created a lovely Christmas Eve meal of traditional Chinese dishes, opened one present each and drove around looking at holiday lights on houses. A blend of some of my favorite childhood memories and new ones from my husband’s childhood.

Christmas Day was also my cheat day. I’ve been working with a nutritionist to realign my eating with my goals and personal intentions. Christmas Day was mine, however, and it was truly a gift to my taste buds. And fun! We had dinner with two families that have become very close friends of ours in the short time we’ve lived in Oregon. It’s amazing to me how quickly bonds can be developed. That has been the best gift of all.

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